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  • behr-farm-house-craft

    A fusion of urban and rural, Behr's Farm House Craft collection features colors in shades of tan and green inspired by the outdoors.

  • behr-colortrend-soft-structure

    The muted grays and whites in Behr's Soft Structure collection create a relaxing and calming environment.

  • behr-color-trend-artisan-voyage

    With names like Empress Teal and Glowing Firelight, the deep, exotic shades in Behr's Artisan Voyage collection are full of energy.

  • behr-color-trend-dark-glamour

    Behr's Dark Glamour color palette combines Peacock Blue, Ruby Red, and Cashmere White with black accents.

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Behr's Dark Glamour color palette combines Peacock Blue, Ruby Red, and Cashmere White with black accents.


Reinvent Your Space

Color is one of the easiest ways to express your personality and infuse a room with your distinctive style. Whether you go subtle or bold; paint a bookcase, a wall or a room—find your color and get started.

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  • New Year, New Room Color!

    Spotlight on the coolest colors for the coming year.

    by Trisha McBride Ferguson

    If you’re looking for an easy, inexpensive way to change a room, painting is a great place to start. You can lighten, brighten, soothe or add drama to any space (and even some home furnishings) with just a couple coats of paint. Best of all, painting a new color lets you reinvent the space and claim it as your own—while expressing your personality and individuality.


    Get Inspired

    Not sure what your color personality is right now? Behr Paints® has a few suggestions. Its design and color trends guides offer paint shade recommendations that fuse classic elements with contemporary flair to emphasize comfort, ease and functionality. They feature color combinations running the gamut from bright to intriguing, cool to neutral, and subtle to complex.

    "Our new trends offer expressions of boundless adaptability,” says Erika Woelfel, Director of Color at Behr Paints. “Colors and designs today must have longevity as people plan to live with their purchases longer.”


    Color Directions

    Responding to a world bursting with change, innovation and diversity, Behr has identified four distinctive trends: Soft Structure—the softer side of modern, Artisan Voyage—a vibrant cultural exploration, Dark Glamour—a glamorous take on industrial style and Farm House Craft—a fusion of urban and rural. Here’s a look at the colors that make up each collection.

    Soft Structure

    Pale grays and tone-on-tone white in a contemporary setting are relaxed and calming:

    • Creek Bend # 790F-4

    • Cozy Cottage # 740C-2

    • Frost # 1857

    • Porpoise # 790E-3

    • Opulent # S-H-300

    • Royal Peacock # 540B-7


    Artisan Voyage

    The discovery of what makes life special is found in eclectic treasures collected from flea markets or global bazaars. Colors are optimistic, spicy and eccentric:

    • Glowing Firelight # S-G-200

    • Empress Teal # 510B-7

    • Soulful Music # 600F-7

    • Status Bronze # 280B-7

    • Chlorophyll # 460B-6


    Dark Glamour

    Art Deco influence in black accents, peacock blue, ruby red and creamy cashmere white:

    • Sandstone Cove # 730C-2

    • Black Suede # S-H-790

    • Thermal Spring # 490D-6

    • Dark Granite # 780F-6

    • Deep Garnet # 110F-7


    Farm House Craft

    Outdoor living, reclaimed materials and organic colors inspired by the garden:

    • Clay Pebble # 770D-4

    • Forest Ridge # 420F-7

    • Japanese Fern # 400B-6

    • Mocha Accent # 720D-5

    • Wine Barrel # 200F-7